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Matt Brown

Matt Brown, a filmmaker from New Brunswick is coming over today to interview me for a wee documentary he has been doing on Maritime artists. And I am like… hair! Do I have any clothes that don’t have holes in them? THE STUDIO IS A MESS! Do I have anything interesting to say?? OMG! So […]

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Judy’s Pussy Hat

Judy’s pussy hat turned out to be a bit crown like…and I thought of re-hooking it but then I thought…nah..that’s how Judy wants it to look. Congrats to all you brave women and men who marched yesterday…Judy is with you.

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Consumed by Ink

My lovely friend Naomi MacKinnon wrote about my rugs in her blog…and Saturday night…we chatted a bit about working together on a book about Judy…it was after a couple glasses of wine..but hey..that’s when the best ideas happen.

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NS Art Bank deadline coming UP

And Judy….give it up, that cat is never going to let you out. Posted by Laura Kenney Rugs a

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Steven Rhude

Steven Rhude is a painter in lovely Wolfville NS. We met on facebook…actually, our initial encounter was a heated debate. We did a show together in 2014 and hope to do more work together in the future. He has a new website. Check it out..thanks!

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10 Intriguing Canadian Rug Hookers

Canada is turning 150 this year…2017 Happy Birthday Canada. I have hope for the future as things are looking quite sunny and I wanted to shine a light on Canadian Hookers who have pushed the boundaries of rug hooking…they are all brave souls. Starting in the East Coast and moving to the West….except for the […]

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Q and A with AGNS

Hope you all had a lovely holiday….Judy is a few pounds up but she is quite certain there is something wrong with the scale. This is a little interview I did with AGNS for Terroir…and.. I will have my “10 Intriguing Canadian Hookers” list done for tomorrow.…/terroir-qa-series-laura…

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