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Rug Hooking Magazine

Hetty van Gurp, former co-owner of Moose River Rug Hooking Studio, came to interview me today for an article which will appear in the September issue of Rug Hooking Magazine. We had a great talk about Folk Art and Rug Hooking, it was really such a pleasure to talk to Hetty!

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Spotted Cow Sold

I hooked this lovely cow in 2008. He always got lots of “oooo’s and ah’s” AND finally he found a home. I will be shipping him off to the States soon. Hope he doesn’t get stopped at customs…worried they will think his spots will cause a “spotted Cow” outbreak…..ha!..just a little cow humour for you.

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Let Me Wear Black

This was a toughie to make. A very kind young man in our community died suddenly about two months ago leaving behind a wife and two small girls. I was directed to his wife’s blog by a friend and in it she said she just wanted to wear black so people would know she doesn’t […]

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Rugs being Photographed

Jody O’Brien at work with “I’d Rather be Reading Than Ironing. So, yes…a few rugs were photographed by the very talented Jody O’Brien. I kick myself now and then that I don’t have good quality photos of all my rugs….but no longer! Jody O’Brien is right here in Truro and does a wonderful job and […]

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Abby’s Dress

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Interview with Kate Jones

Kate Jones contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in being interviewed for her website, Pennello Lane, Creative Canadian Women. I agreed and here is the result. Kate did a super job! So, please read and leave a comment..well, a positive one..hee hee.

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Titanica Opening

The opening was lovely! I had a chance to meet Dan Conlin who is the man that inspired this piece, so that was very nice. There were very yummy snacks and got home in time to put the kids to bed! So all is good!

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