One of the Three Ballerinas

The cat situation has calmed down a bit so I was able to hook a bit yesterday..yipee! Orange and green are sooo pretty and ballerinas are pretty!!! Excited about this one. …two more to finish…But we are going on a wee trip tomorrow so I am sure I should be getting ready for that..but the ballerinas are calling me…packing?? ballerinas??? packing?? ballerinas??


  1. Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives

    Hi I just discovered your art rugs and they are beautiful. They are so creative and colourful!Can't wait to see more of your lovely pieces. You should have a gallery on your website of all the ones you have done! thanks for sharing – Joni.. ps the article that was written about you was very good. I enjoyed reading all about you and your work.

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