NS Folk Art Festival 2011

set up for festival
Just got back from Lunenburg…the festival was wonderful as always. So nice to see familiar faces, artists and art buyers, and just to be able to see the people the appreciate what you do face to face, is so special. When I get a cheque for a rug sold from one of the  galleries, I feel like calling the gallery owners and asking “who bought it, what did they like about it etc etc” , but I am thinking the gallery owners would get a little tired of that. So the festival is such a great chance to meet the art buyers face to face.
I was thinking right after the festival, I need a break from making rugs..maybe a month or so ..but today I just want to get back at it..have some ideas floating around that I want to get started on …but the kids are home from school…so I ‘ll try to be patient, and focus on the kids ..BUT when September comes…WATCH OUT!!Ok, maybe before September, the kids don’t always need my attention, do they??
ps nice to talk to you woman in the orange dress, glad we are on the same wavelength about yoga..hee hee

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