Green Grass Running Water – Opening

me and Sara Brinkhurst

Last Thursday I drove up to Tatamagouche for the official opening of GGRW. I met Maggie Wilkinson (owner) in a business class last fall. At that point, she was thinking about having a cafe/gallery and through the weeks we all witnessed her plans come together. Maggie would often bring in treats for us to sample…soooo good, I just knew her place would be a success as she loves what she does. She asked me if I would like to have my rugs at GGRW and of course I said yes! Alan Silliboy, Sara Brinkhurst, Tam Flemming, Jenny Gilmore, and Pamela Swainson  are a few of the artists with their work at GGRW and it is in Tatamagouche, just past Foodland.

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