Getting rugs ready for a roadtrip to Amherst.

I am going to Amherst tomorrow to give a talk as part of Deanne Fitzpatrick’s workshop…yes, I am freaking out..public speaking frightens me..but, I am excited as I am going to put on my big girl panties..and do this thing!


  1. garlandfarm

    I enjoyed your talk and the rugs you brought to share. What a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing your day and time with us.
    Carrie C.

  2. Laura Kenney Rugs

    Oh..gosh, thanks so much, I had a great time with all of you.

  3. essaywriter

    I was also in the class and was so inspired by your rugs. I'd quit hooking for a while but am now back to it. Thanks for the talk!

  4. Laura Kenney Rugs

    Thank you! and glad to hear you are hooking once again.

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