Cheeky biography

Generation X’er

Current Residence:
Truro, Nova Scotia

I have one husband.

Two: our daughter’s name means “LIFE” and our son’s name means “PEACE” and so we have a peaceful life.

Highest level of education:
BSc Honour’s in Chemistry from Carleton University in Ottawa

Why Chemistry?
My chemistry professor in 2nd year said I had potential, but in 4th year he asked “what happened to you?”

Present Occupation:

Pardon Me?
Oh… I mean RUG hooker!

Why Rug Hooking?
In the 70’s, I had a very close encounter with burlap (the backing I use). I wore a cave woman costume made out of burlap for a figure skating show. It must have had a profound affect on me.

But seriously, why rug hooking?
About 10 years ago, I went to a rug hooking exhibit and I just knew I wanted to make rugs. I didn’t really like the patterns I could buy; so I designed my own.

I have to hook; I get cranky if I don’t.

Why do you use recycled wool?
Because a pair of wool pants from Frenchies has more personality to it than new wool from a bolt.

Why do you use recycled sari ribbon?
To support a women’s collective in Nepal.

Favourite quote
“Art is what I like.” (author unknown to me)

Where do you hook?
In the toyroom/studio. When a potential buyer comes over, I quickly stash the toys in the closet and put on some funky clothes so I look like an artist.

What do you hope to accomplish with your art?
World Peace.

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